It’s all about Popumentary.



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I have news for you from my cosmos: Have you always wanted to learn something about the world by listening to pop music? For example, about some historical themes, about mankind or about the universe…

It’s all about Popumentary.



Pop is entertainment. Documentary is information. The two together is something close to a popumentary...but not quite. Because the combination of entertainment and information could result in science shows, and documentary reports.

A popumentary is pop culture, movement and counter-movement. It intends to MOVE- feet, brains, trends... and to MOVE AGAINST disinterest, pseudo-information, the stuff that breeds stupidity: That’s what “mentary” means. Infopop!

Pop music and information have one thing in common: they are both subject to questions of taste. In our information society we have a free choice of truths. A popumentray draws on the consequences of that: research through the pop-lense.

So a popumentary is a kaleidoscope of facts and opinions in the form of solid journalism, paired with a wide range of music.

You can also call it a concept album.

Let me show you the world through my eyes: music for a new society.

I already made three Popumentaries but others will follow. Stay tuned. It remains exciting and interesting!


You'll find a link to amazon below. It deals with the big topic complex universe. What is around us?

Here's another one about 9/11: You can receive it via amazon.

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